Whats In A Name?


4th October 2016

Why the name for this site?

More and more when I tell friends and family my travel plans their first question is usually, “why on earth would you want to go there?”

That doesn’t make for a particularly catchy title and in the world of Google short website names are a must if you want to get noticed these days against the myriad of thousands of all sorts of travel blogs.

Some specialise in a particular area like culinary tours, luxury tours or student travel.  Some zone in specifically on something such as Kilimanjaro, trekking in Nepal or cruises but I like all sorts of tours and experiences so how do I stand out in the crowd?

Hopefully that will be by concentrating on content.  Blog sites say to get noticed you need to post new content regularly with a minimum of 400 characters.

While researching for various tours I began to notice that specific posts that get pushed to the first page of Google results were oftentimes a little light on content and generally had the same money maker shots (again to help in the search rankings).  The articles I have been writing are 4+ times that with a lot more photos that you will generally find on a given topic on 1 blog post.

I am not expecting to make money with this site.  In the future it would be nice if people like what I write about and want to contribute, somehow, to it’s upkeep but thats not why I started this blog.

I love to travel and firmly believe that travel of any kind enriches lives but too many of us go on the mundane package holiday to the same types of beach resort year after year when the world is a stunningly beautiful and diverse place.  There is still room for the usual 7 or 14 days by the beach with a kindle in the left hand and a beer or wine in the right but there are so many amazing experiences out there if people are brave enough to take the first step away from the ordinary and the “safe”.

All it takes is that first little step and I hope with this site to be able to bring some of the extraordinary to the forefront.  To highlight what there is out there to experience and show that it isn’t that exotic or inaccessible if you know where and how to book.

After looking at my photos friends understand why I wanted to go to a specific area and I hope to pass on that to a worldwide audience through this site so bookmark me and keep checking back.  Facebook integration is hopefully coming soon so it will be easier to know when there is new content but for now please keep a look out here.

Adventure is out there, you just have to go and find it….

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