Is The Fear Of Travelling Alone Holding You Back?

Have you ever had the urge to travel to a far off place yet your friends tell you you're bonkers? You find yourself in a brand new resort to last years shenanigans yet everything feels the same and you could have been to this place on any number of holidays. Your...

Monteverde’s Mystical Cloud Forest

Straddling the continental divide up in the hills of Costa Rica there is a place that rarely sees the sun.  Thanks to the unique geography of the area, the Monteverde Cloud Forest is shrouded in a ghostly cover of cloud nearly every day of the year. You will need...

Quepos – Try A Different Kind Of Beach Holiday

For many of us heading off for our break in the sun, cost is a big factor. That cost oftentimes directly determines where we can travel to. For many Europeans that rarely means travel outside of their own continent. With such a wide variety of landscapes and weather...

Why Climb Kilimanjaro Again

In 2015 I found myself standing on the ‘Roof Of Africa’ for 20 minutes, emotionally and physically exhausted. I felt overwhelmed, yet numb. Challenging yourself mentally and physically remains just a dream for many people. Many of my travels between 2012 and 2015 were...

4 Reasons People Give To Not Go On A Winter Sports Holiday And Why They Don’t Matter

Its an argument as long as modern day travel has been operating and feelings are very strong on both sides. Are you a beach lover or a powder hound? Do you prefer a beach holiday in the warm, or a winter sports holiday up a mountain in sub zero temperatures? Arguments...

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Often misunderstood, Africa is the worlds second largest continent. At 11.7 million square miles it covers 6% of Earth’s total surface area but accounts for 20% if its landmass.

Nature documentaries highlight its stunning animal population but Africa is also rich in history. The birthplace of modern man, homo sapiens, began here between 350,000 and 260,000 years ago.

Africa has vast open plains, burning hot deserts, not just the Sahara, history in abundance and modern cities that rival any other metropolis on the planet. Visitors to Africa often come away with a new appreciation of everything this marvellous continent has to offer.


South America

From glaciers to deserts via the humidity of the largest bioreserve on Planet Earth, the continent of South America has it all in abundance.

Friendly people, amazing scenery and out of this world food combine making sure there really is something for everyone here.

Flight times may make you think twice about picking here but once you visit you will want to keep coming back for more.


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Europe is so accessible to so many and yet few have really scratched the surface of all the wonders that you can find here.

 Immerse yourself in ancient history, visit some truly spectacular beaches, get away from it all in a country retreat or strap on a pair of skis and race down a mountain.

Europe is a melting pot of civilisations and cultures that can be experienced in byte sized chunks or all out excursions.


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North America

The third-largest continent needs little introduction. North America stretches from the far northern subarctic region of Alaska all the way down to Mexico.

Take to the open road on a road trip, hop on board a trans coastal railway or fly between different cities and adventures.

The USA really does have something for everyone. It’s not hard to realise that over 50% of Americans have never visited another country, they don’t have to. 

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Central America

Central America may not have the landmass of its northern neighbour, in fact, it accounts for only 0.5% of the World’s landmass. What it lacks in size it more than makes up for in biodiversity, accounting for a staggering 7% of the planets total wildlife.

Many people come here for the stunning tropical beaches but return once they find that there is so much more to the 6 countries that make up Central America.

Volcanoes in El Salvador, tropical atolls in Belize and one of mans greatest engineering achievements in Panama. Wherever you decide to go you will find warm hospitality, amazing culture and history in abundance,

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